Software Health Management System

We identify and quantify architectural and design issues that burden your project with ever-increasing maintenance costs

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  • Monitor Your System

    • Measure your system using state-of-the-art architecture metrics suite: Decoupling Level (DL) and Propagation Cost (PC)

    • Monitor the degradation, variation, and evolution of software projects

    • Compare and contrast with an industrial benchmark

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  • Pinpoint Hotspots

    • Detect design flaws responsible for ever-increasing maintenance costs

    • Visualize which files are involved in which flaws,  and why

    • Diagnose flaws to improve your architecture

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  • Quantify Design Debt

    • Calculate the maintenance costs incurred by each design flaw

    • Estimate the penalty caused by design debts

    • Estimate Return-on-Investment (ROI) of refactoring

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Products and Services

  • Automated Analysis

    The DV8 tool suite contains software metrics, hotspot detection, debt calculation, and software visualization components We can analyze your project and deliver a quality report.

    You are welcome to download a trial version here.

  • Architect/Design Training

    The objective of our courses is to evolve programmers into designers, and eventually to architects. 

    Our courses are based on state-of-the-art research, validated in practice. We use open source projects and the DV8 tool suite for hands-on exercises.

    For more information, please email:

  • Project Specific Coaching

    We provide consulting services for specific architecture problems, such as in-depth cost and benefit analysis, refactoring strategies, and architecture design.

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Free Download

  • DV8 Viewer

    Visualize any type of dependency relations, such as code dependency or component dependency using design structure matrices.  Free for ever.

    Click here to download DV8 Viewer.

  • DV8 Education

    Visualize and Analyze the design and architecture of student software or small scale software. Limited to 2000 files per project. 3-year free license.

    Click here to download DV8 Education.

  • DV8 Standard Trial

    Visualize and Analyze the design and architecture of industrial software or open source software. Try it for free for 14 days! 

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